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Packy McCormick
Packy McCormick
Owner, Not Boring
No deal with the devil, no gotcha. Dealing with the government is opaque and annoying, MainStreet makes it so companies don’t have to deal with it themselves.
Ryan Hoover
Founder, Product Hunt
MainStreet is a no-brainer for any startup. Free cash is certainly a strong value prop, there's no reason not to let them save you money.
Total value of credits found to date
$ 100M +
total members to date
2,000 +
Avg. credits found
$ 51K +

Any founder I meet, the first thing I tell them: sign up for MainStreet. It's the easiest money you'll ever find.

Lucy Guo
Lucy Guo
Cofounder, Scale

Seriously, do this today. These credits expire and once they're gone, they're gone.

Moshe Lifschitz
Moshe Lifschitz
GP, Basement Fund

Government incentives are complex. Working with MainStreet is not. Flawless customer experience, they even did all of the paperwork for us to claim our credits.

Lukas Wagner
Lukas Wagner
VP of Finance, Pipe

Between Product Hunt, AngelList, On Deck, and Remote First Capital, I've met with thousands of founders. It's shocking how few are claiming these credits.

Andreas Klinger
Andreas Klinger
Advisor, On Deck

I wish we'd had MainStreet at Twitter in the early days. We barely had the time to think, let alone learn about tax codes.

Elizabeth Weil
Elizabeth Weil
General Partner, Scribble Ventures

MainStreet's relentless dedication to saving founders money – like, actual money – makes this a no-brainer for startups & us.

Founder, VC Guide

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