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Credit where credit is due — literally.

97% of U.S. startup tax credits go unclaimed, leaving billions of allocated government funds on the table every year.

We demystify these complex systems so that you can claim
thousands of dollars for the work you're already doing.

The average venture-backed startup saves $50,000+ in its first year. 💰

R&D Tax Credits:
A brief history

The Federal R&D Credit is designed to incentivize companies who bring new products to market. Think of this program as the IRS’s way of rewarding businesses that prioritize innovation.

Startups and Fortune 500 companies alike claim billions of dollars a year in R&D tax credits — but the process to access this money is complex and time-consuming.

That's where MainStreet comes in. We take the guesswork (and the legwork) out of tax credits and pass the savings onto you. 


Let us help you get what you're owed



Plug your payroll system into our dashboard and complete a quick survey to get started.

We'll scan through hundreds of federal, state, and local credits and match you with the ones most beneficial to your business.



Come tax season, we'll do all the paperwork — and let your CPA take all the credit.

We'll prepare the necessary forms, including a detailed R&D Qualified Research Expenses (QRE) Summary and Form 6765.



When it comes time to file, have your CPA submit the prepared forms alongside your yearly tax return.

The IRS will process your claim and send you the money you're owed. Easy as that.

Peace of mind is part of the package


Secure data

We keep your data safe with 256-bit encryption. We’ll never sell or rent your data to a third party.


Audit protection

In the unlikely event you're audited, we’ll step in and support you throughout the entire process. We're here to help.


Our guarantee

We stand by our work. You're covered up to $1,000,000 if we make an error with your paperwork or credit claim.

Our Accounting Team

MainStreet works seamlessly with your CPA 

We know R&D tax credits like the backs of our hands, and we’ve got the resumes to prove it. With 25+ years of experience across the Big 4 consulting firms and boutique R&D specialists, we have supported credit claims across Fortune 500 companies, high-growth startups, and small business owners alike.

Our team has prior experience successfully navigating countless IRS exams, both as IRS agents and as representatives for audited clients. Prior to MainStreet, our team worked with thousands of businesses to identify and calculate the tax credits they are owed.

Our collective experience and industry knowledge allow us to simplify these complex credits, creating an accessible and easy-to-use product for startups and small business owners.

Ready to get started?